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Protecting lives and property, ensuring that all legislative obligations are met with the Remote Automated Maintenance Programme of our Eco-park® solution.

RAMP: Remote Automated Maintenance Programme

Whilst Eco-park® systems are designed to operate to the very highest standards, like all technologies they need regular maintenance by competent and approved service providers. With lives and property at stake, there really isn’t any room for complacency.

Our Remote Automated Maintenance Programme is designed to give you complete peace of mind by ensuring that your eco-park® system operates at optimum efficiency at all times. This means it will provide maximum protection when needed most; i.e. in the unlikely event of a fire.


Car park ventilation maintenance is classified as a ‘life safety system’ and as such systems need to be serviced twice a year. Furthermore, BREEAM stresses that regular maintenance of equipment makes sure that it operates at its optimum level, keeping running costs down as well as protecting lives and property.


When requested, in our scope of supply we will allow for the installation a RAMP multi-functional control panel, generally located in an area where site personnel can easily view it, e.g. as part of the concierge or caretaker service system. This control panel will automatically alert both building staff & PVE engineers that either a fault has developed or that a routine service is required allowing the necessary corrective actions to be taken immediately.

Under the car park ventilation RAMP programme we regularly provide our customers with a certified and dated service log giving them the reassurance that, in the event of any incident, all maintenance records are accurate and up to date and in full accordance with the necessary regulatory compliance.

Air Quality

We can, when required, include an air quality assessment report within our technical submission. We firmly believe that the air quality within any enclosed environment is of paramount importance and as a subsidiary of the HC Groep, our goal is to deliver significantly better air quality and to create a healthy and safe environment for everyone. We share our expert knowledge, explore innovative techniques and support like-minded organisations to limit indoor air pollution. By optimising the rate of air pollution clearance, eco-park® helps to create a much safer, cleaner and more pleasant car park environment.

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