Certifications provided by Lloyd’s Register

HC Groep was the first company to obtain certification of the new generation induction fans (IDV50v2and IDV100v2) in accordance with the EC initial type of testing and the EC factory production control procedure . This certification is provided by Lloyd’s Register (notified body 0038).

With this certification HC Group has shown that the quality of the production process, the quality of the end product and associated specifications are guaranteed. Also, it can be proven that the fans comply with the standard EN 12101-3 : 2002 Class F, test method CD 3.

This means that the fans continue to function for a period of not less than two hours at a surrounding temperature of 300°C. Such a level of certification goes a step further than the separate CE and EN 12101-3 certificates, which HC Groep obtained with the first generation of induction fans.

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