CFD solutions

By working closely with the customer, design team and all relevant fire service authorities, our independent CFD calculations can be undertaken quickly and efficiently to complement seamlessly with any prohibitive or challenging site work programmes.

To carry out this type of simulation, a 3D model of the entire car park is produced.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

By using a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation it is possible to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of each car parks unique airflow characteristics, allowing our experts to produce the perfect energy efficient car park ventilation system design every time.

3D modelling

To carry out this type of simulation, a 3D model of the entire car park is produced. The 3D model accounts for columns, beams, internal buildings and other construction elements which can form an obstruction to the air flow. The model also includes a small part of the outside connected to the openings in order to calculate the correct air flow in and out the car park.

A CFD simulation provides insight in the spatial distribution of the airflow, temperature and smoke density in the car park. The simulation takes into account the fundamental physical phenomena involved. Such a simulation is supplied with a calculation grid wherein mass, energy and momentum balances are solved.

The simulation can be analysed per period and the results presented in a detailed report in accordance with the analysis/description and concept direction of the particular site. Presenting the results of CFD simulation often reassures and improves communication between design team members, allowing parties to further discuss and fine tune the ultimate system scheme.

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