The induction fan

In 2003 HC Groep’s car park ventilation division developed, patented (Patent 1018285) and introduced the modern day induction fan. This new and unique generation of fans was developed especially for car parks to provide many technical advantages and financial benefits.

Independently tested

The HC Groep’s second generation twin discharge Induction fan is singularly unique in its design, which ensures a consistent flow away from potential Coanda or skin friction effect. This patented design has been independently tested and shown to deliver a better volumetric performance and higher efficiency than any other induction or impulse fan on the market.


Sustainable benefits

Making use of the patented outlet venturi, higher and more efficient performance and ultra flat design ensure our systems offer the builder and developer the following essential advantages and sustainable benefits.

  1. Slimness of the fans saves up to 200mm per floor of excavation over older impulse fans.
  2. The impulse effect is increased by up to 300% when using the induction principal.
  3. Number of fans required on a typical installation reduced by up to 65% (see flow pattern CFD ); it is not possible to interchange induction fans with axial type impulse fans on a like for like basis.
  4. On a correctly designed system the average energy consumption is reduced by up to 50%
  5. Huge reduction and financial saving in cable and containment, therefore cost of installation is also reduced.
  6. Influence of down stand beams is negligible when using induction fans.
  7. Car park extract fans can be mounted above the drive lanes, therefore flow is unhindered ensuring maximum volumetric performance at all times.
  8. Induction systems require a smaller back up power supply.
  9. Huge reduction in cost and time for maintenance.

Outlet pattern


The benefits and advantages of car park ventilation systems using the new twin discharge induction principal can be readily compared to similar installations using outdated impulse fans. Such comparisons demonstrate that these older products have now been made obsolete. Likewise the volumetric performance of induction fans can be determined and compared by the following:

  1. The new induction fan can be supplied in both 50 and 100 Newton versions. Both are multi-speed.

  2. The ultra slim silhouette of the fan allows each unit to be mounted above the driving lanes. Obstacles such as columns and parked cars that can block the airflow have a minimal effect allowing maximum induction of air into the flow pattern. This is not possible with older impulse fans installed close to the wall or above parked vehicles.

  3. Measurements produced by independent consultants show that the induction fan can induce up to 19 times the air actually passing through the fan. This is substantially more than with any impulse or jet fan based on older axial technology.

  4. The internal fully patented venturi ensures that the discharge of the eco-park® induction fan does not need deflection blades that reduce efficiency and often hinder airflow.

The combination of the above makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of thrust fans, inevitably leading to the many advantages outlined.

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