Neville House

Neville House


Neville House is situated at the East End of Page Street, overlooking the peaceful green square that is St John’s Gardens. In the heart of Westminster & located close to the river Thames, it is situated between the Victoria, St James' Park and Westminster tube stations, with good access to Canary Wharf, and just a few minutes’ walk away from local supermarkets, pubs, and restaurants.

Neville House typifies modern central London living, offering the best of contemporary architecture nestled considerately amongst century’s old protected green spaces.  

Client | Firstport Property Services Limited

Firstport Property Services are an award-winning property management and asset services company helping clients deliver the right solution for their developments and ensuring that residents feel safe and happy in their homes.

Their aim is to make life easier for you and represent your best property interests. They want to be your first choice for a local, trusted, and top-class residential property maintenance service that represents more than just bricks and mortar: it’s the place you love to call home.

Ventilation System | Mechanical Smoke Clearance Full Refurbishment

At the request of Messrs Firstport Property Services, a comprehensive & detailed inspection of the existing car park ventilation system at Neville House was immediately undertaken by experienced PVE service personnel.

The system needed our priority attention and ultimately a tailored approach was adopted by PVE to provide a strategic remedial programme of works necessary in removing the existing Main Control Panel (MCP) and all associated outmoded gas detectors and services. This would naturally be undertaken without any disruption or nuisance incursion to the otherwise busy patrons of this secure underground car parking facility.

Once removed, a hi-tech replacement & fully automated control system was installed, including new MCP and unique Eco- Park® operational software and fully addressable carbon monoxide (CO) detection system.

Thanks to the expertise of trained professional PVE engineers, this now fully refurbished system operates 24/7 at maximum demand driven economy to control the day-to-day air quality & environmental conditions, whilst at the same time providing the necessary emergency smoke clearance extract ventilation back-up as is deemed necessary under code requirements for this prestigious London building.

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