Service contracts & preventative maintenance

We offer a wide range of on-going car park ventilation servicing to ensure the correct functionality of our installations.

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The finalisation of a project and its delivery to a customer (after local fire department and local authority approval) should not be the last contact between us and our end users. Since our ventilation schemes are safety installations, it is vital that they are regularly maintained.

We therefore offer Service and Maintenance contracts to ensure correct functionality of the installation. Also, we can prevent malfunctions with preventative maintenance.

With a maintenance contract our customers can be assured of an effective and safe installation and detection system. In case of a malfunction, at first we will provide assistance by phone to determine the exact cause of the problem and if possible to solve it. If it is not possible to solve the problem by phone, our own service engineers will put it right on site.

For detailed information, please contact our Service and Maintenance department on: 0845 20 20 234 or email

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