Patented technology

Our eco-park® systems are designed to deliver optimum performance and efficiency whilst making significant savings in a whole range of ways.

When systems are correctly designed they use fewer fans, require less cabling, rely on smaller control systems, use significantly less energy and save on containment. At the same time they reduce installation costs, running costs, maintenance costs and wherever possible raw material costs.

Moreover, because of our induction fan design, new-build excavation costs can be reduced drastically. Fans can also be fitted directly above driving lanes for better air quality and optimum volumetric performance.


Our highly structured, disciplined way of working ensures that the quality of our system design is never compromised. Our technical team is design-focused, innovative and responsive. Our design, engineering and modeling have led the way for many years and our collaborative approach to fire engineering now provides greater protection for people and property.

We exercise complete control over all the elements that make up our eco-park® systems and only source components that have been thoroughly tested, that interface without problems and have a proven track record for reliability. Over the years we have forged strong trading partnerships with leading component suppliers specialising in corridor ventilation, staircase ventilation, AOV and other areas of above-ground smoke control. All of them have demonstrated to us time and again that their products are of the very highest integrity.


Working to BREEAM principles we aim to set the standard for best practice in sustainable underground car park ventilation design, construction and operation. We encourage communication with developers, architects and consultants wishing to share our concerns and thoughts about low carbon technologies, low impact design, system efficiency and minimising the energy demands created by a typical car park ventilation system.

During the design process we use recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks. We incorporate European and British standards to evaluate best practice design, construction and system operation, covering a wide range of categories from energy to ecology. Our aim is to create inspirational designs that will give confidence and ensure sound environmental practice is incorporated into each facility.

Eco-park® systems not only ensure good quality air and security in the event of a fire but also reduce running costs and improve the working and living environments.

Impulse systems rendered obsolete

For over twenty years our pioneering thinking has produced technical innovation after technical innovation, advancing every aspect of car park ventilation. It is these advances that led us some years ago to take the bold step of making the old axial-type impulse technology obsolete within our organisation.

“Impulse” was simply a generic term for thrust systems and whilst these systems were themselves a breakthrough in their day, they did have numerous disadvantages, which our twin discharge fan addresses.


  • Impulse fans lack volumetric thrust
  • The physical size of axial fans makes mounting above car lanes difficult
  • A typical system requires more fans (one every 400 m²), more cabling and containment
  • A typical system requires larger and more expensive controls
  • Impulse fans offer very poor air distribution compared with induction
  • Impulse ventilation systems use more energy
  • With new build and multi-storey car parks, Impulse systems require deeper excavation

When making a formal proposal we always put forward the latest technology based on our eco-park® induction fans.

Comparison example

Below is a comparison between a typical impulse system and a modern eco-park® Induction system. Each diagram shows air flow pattern and fume dilution coverage.

Car park area: Parking spaces:
7817m², height 2.7m, volume 21,105m³ 230, disabled spaces: 32



  Typical impulse system
with 400Ø impulse fans
  Eco-park® system with
twin discharge induction fans
Fans 28 off   8 off (IDV 100 newton fans)   20 fans
Containment 750 m   450 m   300 m
Cable 3,700 m   900 m   2,800 m
Power 30.8 KW   17.60 KW   13 KW


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