Advise from start to finish

To meet the high quality standards demanded by the industry, our skilled engineers advise customers from start to finish.

We begin at the pre-design stage when the shaft position will be established and sized. The pre-design enables us to make a proposal, often including advice or an  indicative sketch of the positions of the ventilation system.

We can also assist during meetings with fire departments and/or government authorities and guide you through any emission issues or CFD calculations.

During the formal design phase we  can take care of your technical submission and detail engineering with calculations and final AutoCAD® layout drawings. After the customer and relevant authority have agreed the drawings and design concept, PVE will start manufacturing in accordance with an agreed delivery plan. The system will be assembled and wired at the customer’s site along with full testing and commissioning. We will also demonstrate the system using a cold smoke test if required.

To guarantee continuity of your system, PVE offer a full service and maintenance package planned in accordance with the system warranty.

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